HR Information System

PayrollHero lets you create your own company database of employee profiles that includes all the information you need about your employees and their position. Using the search bar, it is easy to navigate and find classed employee groups and specific people by position or teams with efficiency. The profile contains information about what previous positions the person has held, their payscale, age, address, years with the company, emergency contact information, marital status and what company resources they have, such as vehicles or keys.

HRIS with PayrollHero

Take advantage of other features as well:

  • Keyring allows you to keep track of company property that the employee has in possession such as key codes, company car, uniform, money cards, and anything else.

  • Easily track who is able to clock in on holidays or at off-site locations.

  • Using the employee profile controls, it is easy to see the hierarchy of subordinates and the sequence of control and decision making in a company.

  • Creating a new employee profile takes less than 60 seconds. Mass importing via spreadsheet also helps accelerate the process for bigger companies.