How PayrollHero Works Within Your Company

Clocking in

Clocking In

Employees clock in using web or mobile. Depending on your company and how you're setup, your employees can clock in one of five ways: on any computer with internet and a web camera they can use MyClock Web, TeamClock Web or TeamClock Chrome App. For mobile, they can use the iOS #MyClock app or the iOS TeamClock.

Clocking in

Resolving Attendance

Using an employee’s schedules and thresholds as well as what time they clocked in, PayrollHero funnels real-time data to the attendance resolution platform as well as the analytics page and Xray Insights app. Xray Insights gives you real-time attendance data in the palm of your hand while the attendance resolution platform enables the employee’s manager to resolve attendance infractions.

When a manager resolves attendance, PayrollHero shows the manager, to the second, complete details about the infraction as well as the employee’s attendance stats and the company’s average employee attendance stats. This way, managers can make informed, unbiased decisions around how to resolve the infraction.

Real time attendance data!

Email Notification

When an employee clocks in, PayrollHero will email them confirmation that they have clocked in as well as cc the HR department of the company. In fact, there are over 30 automated emails within PayrollHero that can be enabled or disabled as well as customized to fit the company’s needs and culture.

Keep employees up-to-date with their exact clock-in/outs!

Clocking in
Generating Payroll

Generating Payroll

step 1 generating payroll

Generate Payroll

step 2 generating payroll

Pick dates

step 3 generating payroll

Click "Do It!"

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After you have generated the payroll you can lock the payroll, which disables any further changes from being made. This also triggers PayrollHero to email all employees their payslips as well as attaches a PDF version to their personal PayrollHero accounts.

No more printing payslips!

Clocking in

Generate the Philippine Bank File

PayrollHero makes it quick and easy to generate your bank’s payroll files for your Philippine bank. PayrollHero can generate payroll files for:

logo bank payrollhero maybank


logo bank payrollhero Banco De Oro

Banco De Oro

logo bank payrollhero Bank of the Philippine Islands

Bank of the Philippine Islands

logo bank payrollhero HSBC Philippines

HSBC Philippines

logo bank payrollhero EastWest Bank

EastWest Bank

logo bank payrollhero UnionBank


logo bank payrollhero UCPB


logo ChinaBank

China Bank

logo RCBC


logo bank payrollhero aub

Asia United Bank

logo bank payrollhero Metrobank


logo bank payrollhero Security Bank

Security Bank

Generate Philippine Government Reports

The last step is generating the Philippine government reports that you need to submit to different agencies. Generate SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG forms quickly and easily. PayrollHero adds all the necessary names, numbers, and details to them for you.

No more filling in reports!

Clocking in

Congratulations! You Have Just Run Your Philippine Payroll