Why choose PayrollHero?

Keeping track of your employees let alone their payrolls is a difficult task for growing companies. PayrollHero is an end-to-end solution for businesses of all sizes. We want to help you make your payroll and management processes efficient so that you can dedicate more time to other parts of your business.

With a typical one-time purchase of software installed from a disc, you go through the hassle of installing the software on every computer. You run the risk of it becoming outdated within a few months, no longer being up to date with government form changes, losing all your records in a computer crash or hard drive failure, or worse. No only does PayrollHero stay up-to-date with all government contributions and official documentation, we ensure your ultimate peace of mind. Let us optimize your business with the power and ease of PayrollHero in the cloud, scalable to any size and built for the web and mobile, no hardware necessary.